Colección de cámaras: Minolta XG1, 1979

Coleccion camaras antiguas, antique cameras: Minolta XG1, 1979

Otra clásica 35mm de enfoque manual.

coleccion camaras antiguas antique cameras minolta XG1

Minolta XG1, 1979
The XG 1 was the second to appear in the XG series in 1979. It was basically a XG-E with a less informative finder display and a non-detachable back door. It was available in two versions in chrome finishing only and was an export model, not sold in Japan.Besides the fixed back door, the XG 1 had a simplified viewfinder read out: The range between 1/15s and 1/2s was now represented by one LED. Further it lacked the memo holder and had just a DIN/ASA conversion scale instead.

Daniel Chang – Fotografía Profesional Guatemala

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